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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 14, 2016 9:49am-10:22am PDT

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noah. captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) thank you so much for tuning in, welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah and we are back again. two weeks off, wow, we are back again. you are geses tonight is democratic strategist jaims carville, everybody. (applause) but first i have to talk about saturday fight's devastating attack. as a host of a show but as a human being. in orlando, florida, we saw what happened. and i couldn't be more sad and sickened by the events. and neither could president obama who who spoke imred to the white house from the jays brady briefk room because that is how much gun violence is a part of the american life. even the room the president talks about gun violence from is named for a victim of gun violence. so as yet another one of the president's post mass shooting
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aress. >> today marks the most deadly shooting in american history. the shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. this mass ak certificate therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a web that lets them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. >> i wonder if president obama ever thought to heim self that mass shooting speeches would be such a big part of his job. because you know at this point, he's hosted 12 state dinners, but he has had to gich 16 mass shooting addresses. so right now the white house is using more clean exthan it is good nap kins. and the president made a powerful point. america has to decide if this is the kind of country that it wants to be. and every time this happens, it feels like america has already
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decided. this is exactly the kind of country it wants to be. because we know how this always plays out. we're shocked. we mourn, we change our profile pic and then we move on. it's become normal. i'm sorry, maybe because i'm new, but it's not normal and it shouldn't be normal. we shouldn't allow this to be normal. it's not a normal ingvar, it's like milk from almonds or sushi from walgreen, it's not normalling. it is not normal to have the same thing happen to us over and over and over again and doing nothing to change it that's not normal. when i was a kid i never used to tie my shoe place lace laces because i i was an idiot. and now obviously i'm an adult. i am still an idiot but i only wear vell co. as a kid i would run around, trip on my shoelaces, fall down and cry and mom mommy, mommy, she would come say get up, get up. what happened. >> i fell down. >> why did you fall. >> because i tripped.
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>> why did you trip. >> and i say-- she goes your shoelaces, i say my shoelaces and i realized i fell because of the shoelaces. i would tie them and then move on. i knew i had to move on but i had to tie the shoe places because i had to change something. i could have said why are you bringing shoelaces into the conversation. why are you blaming the shoelaces for something the sidewalk did to my knees. who even says there is a connection between untied shoelaces and falling anyway. are you violating my right to keep my shoelaces untiedment i didn't say that. you know why. because i realized after falling, after falling a lot, there was a connection between my shoelaces being untied and getting hurt. that's why i didn't say that to my mom. and also because i realized there was a connection between talking back to my mom and being unable to sit comfortably for a day. that is besides the point. the point, this is a clearly complicated incident. elements of terrorism, homophobia, mental health but it
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is glaringly obvious. america needs to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn't have guns to get guns. and to many of us this seems crystal clear. but there are still people who think we're wrong for even trying to bring that up. this is not a gun control issue. >> this is not abouted guns or the means that isis uses. >> we can have gun debates later. this is terrorism, terrorism needs to be destroyed. >> it is islamic terror. >> we need to stop getting in the wrong argument and brin it back to the evil that is radical islam. >> to make this an issue of gun control, if you go back to 9/11 they used box cutters. >> this is not something i have ever said before but i'm glad you brought up 9/11. because yes, terrorists didn't use guns on 9/11. they used planes to kill thousands of people. and as soon as we realized that they could use planes as weapons, we worked together as a society. we worked our damnedest to make it harder for them to ever do it again.
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we locked cabin doors, we expanded the no fly list. we even make everyone pose for strai nudes now. what we didn't do was say this has nothing to do with airplanes, it has everything to do with radical islam. no, what we did instead was regulate air travel to make it harder for the terrorists to do the damage. even when fighting isis itself, we fight the ideology, yes. we fight to reduce their resources but most importantly we attack their weapon stores, why do we do that. because we moving their weapons dramically decreases their ability to hurt us. because everybody knows isis without guns is just blaifl a blog. so-- (laughter) (applause) the irony of the situation is that these people say there's no connection between america's gun laws and terrorism. if there is no connection between gun laws and terrorism. you know who does see a connection?
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terrorists. and just listen this al-qaeda spokesman identifying the easy access to guns in america. >> in the worst you've got a lot at your disposal. let's take america as an example. america is absolutely awash with easily obtainable fire arms. you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle. without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. so what are you waiting for? >> this guy is selling terrorism like used cars so what are you waiting for? because what we are saying, so when people say this is not about guns, it is about terrorism, no, it's about terrorism and it's about guns. because you realize there were two other gun incidents this weekend that didn't involve terrorism. just two days before this mass shooting a 23 year old singer named christina grimmie was also gunned down in orlando.
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and the day after the nightclub shooting, some other guy got caught driving to an l.a. gay pride parade with a [bleep] of guns in his car. this was not related to terrorism. we don't know why he had all of those guns. maybe he was just mad that everyone kement asking him if he was elijah woods. we don't know what it was. the point is, the point is just because there is a problem with terrorism doesn't mean there isn't also a problem with access to guns. and i understand that americans love guns. but this love comes at a cost. so far this year alone, 23 people in america have been shot by toddlers, by toddlers, you realize we haven't even reached the summer, right. thus far 23 people have been shot by toddlers. summer toddlers are the worst. summer toddlers don't give a [bleep]. hot, preschool is out, you know [bleep] is going to go down. the truth is i know where this argument ends up. it will be the same thing. the 2nd amendment, the 2nd amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
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shall not be infringed. but as much as the nra wants you to believe it's an absolute, it's not. and it never has been. because america does regulate guns. for example, the orlando shooter, he couldn't get a machine gun, and it's not because he hadn't unlocked it on call of duty, it's because america banned those in the 19 '80s because it was obvious for one person to kill multiple human beings. and time after time we have seen that assault weapons have the same fattal capabilities. i think america it is clear, america needs to ask itself the question, do you want to be a country that takes reasonable measures to protect its citizens, or should we tell the president to prepare speech number 17? we'll be right back.
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>> trevor: welcome back. now "the daily show" following its most sacred time of the year. vacation. two weeks without politics so long as you spent the entire time at the bottom of a canyon without cell reception, satellite or human contact, which we did and which is why this story touched all of us so deeply as jordan klepper reports. >> america's ugly election cycle has been raging for months. and i for one needed a [bleep] break. but i'm cheap so how could i get "the daily show" to send me on vacation. and make it look like i'm covering a story. >> today the help can party of the u.s. virgin islands held its caucus. >> bingo, the u.s. virgin islands, what does this u.s. territory have to do with our elections? basically nothing. but only [bleep] at night. so i went down and blended in with my sweet ass novel tee vacation shirts and talked to suzanne carlson a reporter who covers politics while bare foot. >> basically, we don't have the
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right to vote for congress or president, but we do get to elect delegates to the convention. >> that's fun. nice to get away from mainland politics and just enjoy some virgin island politics. >> there is some more issues than you might think. >> like should i choose light rum or dark rum. >> i don't think that is really an issue here. >> i would agree, because the answer is both. >> well, there is more to it than that. there is multiple lawsuits filed back and forth, radio ads attacking various members of the party against each other. there was the assault of the gun range. >> assault? my producer didn't tell me this. get your ass in here, we got a story. we're not drinking until 4:00. damn it. so an assault and lawpts over a bunch of delegates that can't even vote in the general election. for god's sake, why. >> republicans there are having
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what is by far the nasdaq yeast fight over delegates in this entire election. >> originally six delegates were elected to the virgin islands gop caucus but the chair of the virgin islands gop declared those delegates ineligible instead trying to replace them with his own slate of delegates. >> on one side of this battle is this guy who totally jacked the republican bro in the island look i was going for. >> i came down here and ran a real campaign. and i won with 131 total votes. >> and on the other side is john, chairman of the virgin islands republican party. >> it say full cooperative from michigan that came down here and he got disqualified for not following the rules. >> and they're acting just like republicans back up north. >> he is breaking the rules. >> at best, he is a carpet bagger. >> i would question whether he has two brain cells to rub together. >> he think he can grab a mongoose by the tail. >> why are you doing this. i'm here for the rum and the parrot fish tacos.
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>> we will get to that. we have good parrot fishes fish. >> that say thing. >> it is. >> i just made that [bleep] up. just to remind me, fighting to go where. >> that we will be going to cleveland. >> i'm going to cleveland because we have to take our delegation there. there are two sets of delegations of people from the virgin islands who are going to cleveland. >> that's correct. >> let me get this strailt. you want to leave this, for this? >> it is part of the process. have i to do it. >> leave this, we have to fight this fight and it takes us to cleveland. >> but that's exactly the kind of insanity you would exement from these guys considering this is what their average meeting looks like. >> you're out of order. >> and it wasn't just pushing. >> he is not only carrying a gun while he is holding these meetings. >> but during the meetings he has a gun on him. >> yes. >> you carry the gun. >> i have been told that i can conceal it. >> you have been told you carry
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a weapon. >> yeah. >> who tells you that, yourself? >> it's been told. >> you put it on do you know you are wearing it. >> i know its a's there. no one gets shot so i think we conducted a pretty good meeting. >> that say successful meeting, nobody got shot. >> yeah. >> the fireworks don't stop there. they even have radio attack ads. >> right here. >> john wrote the book about how the virgin island delegates are going to be critical at the convention. >> that's real. >> that's real. >> who is putting this ad on the radio. >> well, according to the laws at the radio stakes it is himg. >> and apparently he had evidence. >> i am not responsible for those ads. >> i hate to do this. this is your name at the log at the radio station. >> impossible. where do you see that. >> right there. >> i don't know why the radio station would do that because i didn't pay for it. >> that's not your name. >> that must be a mistake. >> i mean, busted. >> i didn't-- i mean i don't really give a [bleep].
10:06 am
i'm here in paradise, i'm trying to chill the [bleep] out. why are you petty squabbling. >> it's not petty. >> you have me looking at radio station log. >> in the end it is the rnc credential committee who decides who gets into the convention. but wouldn't you know it. >> there is controversy there. >> john's father is actually on the credential committee. >> come on, my colada is melting. >> who is on the credentials committee. >> there are 112 people. >> do you know anybody on the credentials committee. >> sure, i know a few people on the credentials committee. this is a small. >> john, is your dad on the committee. >> pie dad is one of those people on the credentials committee. >> dammity, it seems no matter where you go, even in paradise, you can't escape american political bull [bleep]. so i guess i'm heading home. >> are you jordan? >> good morning. >> take me to manhattan island. >> i need a spa treatment. >> 56th and like 11th. >> trevor: thank you jordan klepper. we'll be right back.
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♪ (applause). >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is a democratic strategist and will be speaker and panelist at politicon. please welcome james car vil. (applause) -- carville. >> hi. >> trevor: welcome, sir. >> thank you, thank you, we said louisiana trefa. >> trevor: is that how they say it. i will say it like that now.
10:11 am
as we say in south africa, james. >> james. >> trevor: welcome to the show. good to see you again. >> thank you, sir. >> trevor: democratic strategist, let's get straight into that. how do you strat giez to go up against donald trump. because every thing that you think hurts trump does not. >> yeah. i think it doesn't hurt him within a significant portion of the republican party. but i think it hurts him very much with people who are not that portion of the republican party. i think there is a sense that he is getting away with this. i don't think he is. and i don't think that he will. >> trevor: right now a lot of people would argue this soams like a race to the bottom and not to the top. because hillary clinton and donald trump have record unfavor ability numbers. >> well, sure, hillary clinton has had bernie sanders attacking her, trump attacking her. now that the primary soafer, the party is starting to union fie, i think will you see her ratings go up. and in her defense, i'm glad to do it, she has been very
10:12 am
specific about the things she wants to do. lay out things. she's not anything close to any irresponsible language and every other day donald trump comes out with something like that. but i am very confident that what has worked for half of the republican party is not going to work for the rest of america. i really am. i think we're a better country than that. >> trevor: a lot of people don't share your optimism. a lot of people say trump represents the other half of the country. >> that's not true. >> here is what i think. the other party 2-rbgs%-- right now we are in a country that you need 50 plus one to win. and 42 is a long way from 50 plus one. so i don't think so. i don't mean to be overly confident, or cocky or anything like that. i don't think donald trump comes anywhere close to representk a majority of what americans feel. i really don't. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: in terms of the democratic race, bernie sanders still fighting on getting his message out.
10:13 am
there and honestly, a message that is needed. >> right. >> trevor: question the question is when it gets down to it, when it boils down to it, is the rift between bernie sanders supporters and hillary clinton spoforters so large that it cannot be unified? >> that-- i think that if the party were ot totally unified, no, it never does. by and large we're going to have i a unified democratic party in november. i would be really shocked if we don't it will take some skill, some patience, so far secretary clinton demonstrated that. i think the president has been enormously beneficial and i think a lot of people of sanders and sanders himself is appalled at the pros tect of trump being president. you can't rush these things. it takes a little time. i think we have to understand that. >> trevor: as a strategist, you have worked for the democrats for a very long time, with the democrats, i should say. what would your strategy be to go up against donald trump. nothing sticks to him. >> i think our strategy is no
10:14 am
matter who, i think people are watching trump this is not happening in a vacuum. people-- i think the strategy should be and i'm confident it will be that you know, right now in america, it is an uneven playing field. some people have a much better chance to get ahead than other people. i want to be a president that sees that by and large everybody has a chance in america the same chance to succeed. and that's the kind of presidency i want to have. trump is doing his own thing. i think if you respond to all of trump's god knows what they are, like-- how do you-- like if the president knew, had some reason to know this was going to happen, you can't. once you start going down to everything that trump does, you can't get around it. i think the superpac, my friend, showing him mocking a disabled person, i think that is devastating. i saw some stuff in the campaign. all you have to do with trump is, you don't have to make anything up. you can put him in his own words. and i think that doing that, i
10:15 am
give him a lot of credit for that, i really do. >> trevor: you will be talking about this at politicon. >> right. >> trevor: what is politicon for people who hear about t they go it sounds like comic con where people dress up. >> so basically it is going to be an event where people dress up like ted cruz. that is what politicon is. >> they have these guys that have this crazy idea if they put an emphasis of a political festival and literally god knows how many different political people there. i will be intrer duing sarah palin out there. >> trevor: how do you do that? how do you interview somebody lost speech is made up of like alphabet soup. how do you. >> well, she doesn't speak complete sentences an i don't speak english so i think we can communicate pretty good. >> trevor: it will be an exciting matchup. thank you very much for doing the show. thank you very much. on june 25th and 26th am you can get particulars at
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tonight. thank you so much for tuning in, june us tomorrow at 11:00. today's zen is a really special one that was beautifulfully delivered by lin-manuel miranda and we dedicate this zen to all the victims of gun violence. >> this show is proof that history remembers. we live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. we rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrances that hope and love lasts longer. and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept asideh
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>> welcome back. i'm gretchen carlson. [ cheers and applause ] joining us now is former mayor rudolph giuliani, who got in some hot water last week at a private dinner for governor scott walker when he said, quote, "i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe that the president loves america." since then, mr. giuliani has been arguing his point in the wall street journal and many shows just like this one. and he's certainly not backing down. are you, mr. mayor? >> not at all, gretchen. i'm sorry, but this president doesn't have the same love of our great country. look, i know this is a horrible thing to say, but he was brought up different. he's just not like the rest of us. i mean, is that too much? >> [ chuckles ] absolutely not. you warned us that what you were about to say would be horrible. so it's fine. let's take a quick break, and we'll have more with mayor rudy giuliani. >> and we're clear. three-minute break, guys. >> that was really great, mr. giuliani. we're so glad to have you on the show. >> how did we end up here in


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